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love in the afternoon

fiction by libby drew

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About Libby

Libby glimpsed her true calling when her first story, an A.A. Milne/Shakespeare crossover, won the grand prize in her elementary school's fiction contest. Her parents explained that writers were quirky, poor, and often talked to themselves in supermarket checkout lines. They implored her to be practical, a request she took to heart for twenty years, earning two degrees, a white-collar job, and an ulcer, before realizing that practical was absolutely no fun. Today she lives with her husband and four children in an old, impractical house and writes stories about redemption, the paranormal, and love at first sight, all of which do exist. She happens to know from experience.

After earning two bachelor degrees, one in Marketing and the other in International Business, Libby went on to head up a project management team at Cellular One in Washington, D.C., where she helped launch the very first cell phone service company in the country. Since then, she has held management positions in both the service and operations side of the telecommunications industry.

Libby’s State of Mind received rave reviews for being fast, clever, and relentless and was nominated for a Bookie Award for Best M/M Novel of 2011. 40 Souls to Keep, Libby’s third novel, has been described as intense and heart-poundingly good and was praised by Publishers Weekly for maintaining a high level of suspense.

An avid supporter of gay rights, Libby donates her time and writing talents to both the Trevor Project and organizations that work to support marriage equality. She also mentors at-risk LGBT youth and runs a workshop to encourage her community’s budding and aspiring authors.

This Journal

This is where I talk about the passion I have for writing and other issues, specifically gay marriage, parenthood, and the desire to live my life to its fullest. I welcome respectful discussion. Please feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts.

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The Fiction You'll Find Here

Thanks for visiting! Please enjoy the selection of free fiction I have available. Be advised that due to mature content, a few of these stories are age-restricted. If you have difficulty accessing a story that interests you, please comment on THIS POST or email me (libbydrew @ yahoo.com) so that I may rectify the issue.

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